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If your web site isn’t performing as well as you’d like, perhaps now is the time to arrange a consultation to have it analysed and unlock it’s true potential.

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Tune your website for better conversions

What is User Experience (UX) Optimisation?

It is the process of identifying areas in which your website is failing to deliver and consequently costing you money by way of wasting potential customers. Here’s a prime example: You’re generating a reasonable amount of quality traffic to your website, but you’re not able to convert them into sales or enquiries. After some UX investigation, it becomes clear that most of your site visitors use an iPad to view your content and the ‘buy’ or ‘enquire’ button happens to be too small for the device to recognise a click on that particular element and instead it registers a click for a neighbouring button which might take them off the page. This is just one of example of countless potential problems that many websites may suffer from. They aren’t obvious at first glance, but a trained eye will be able to identify them.

Is that all?

UX involves more than just looking for bugs and errors. Let’s say you’ve just spent money on having a new homepage designed for your website. Before going live and showing it to your site visitors, it would be worthwhile having an A-B test carried out to ensure that it doesn’t fail to deliver on key metrics (bounce rate, conversions etc) and consequently perform worse than what you already have in place.

Anything else?

Absolutely. UX is all about putting website users at the fore-front of any website decision making. Another term for this is user-centric design. Before a Semanta website is built for you, there is the option to have a full suite of wireframes drawn up to discuss and logically plan out where various aspects of the page will reside. With the aid of wireframes, you’ll be able understand exactly how your site structure will work.

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