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Low-cost Google AdWords Management in London

Looking for an expert, London-based Google AdWords consultant? You’ve found one! Find out more about how new leads can be driven to your business.

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Expert Google AdWords Management – Cheap PPC Specialist

Skilled Google AdWords Management in London

Need business leads fast? Happy to pay for traffic to your site on demand? A well set up Google AdWords account could be just what you need. You’ll be paying per click to the site, but you’ll be paying for targetted, quality visitors. For example, if you’re a mobile tyre fitter and you want to serve the West London area from 6am to 3pm and only for people who search under search terms such as “mobile tyre fitter in brentford”, you can show up in the top search results and have a strong chance of having your website accessed by somebody quite likely to require your services.

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Expert AdWords Management

Low-cost AdWords Management – £250/month

Your PPC campaigns need not come at the expense of large agency fees. Semanta’s cheap AdWords pricing has been geared around small and medium-sized local businesses around London. For an AdWords spend of up to £2000 a month, the monthly charge is just £250. For an adwords spend of up to £3000 a month, the monthly charge is £300. (of course, if your budget is even under £1000 a month, that’s not a problem).

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Low-cost AdWords Management

Expert AdWords Knowledge

Benefit from over 5 years of PPC experience and allow it to help generate sales leads to your business. No matter what type of business you have, a well set-up Google AdWords advertising campaign is sure to attract potential customers to your website and get the phone ringing. Your advertising can be set up to target specific regions and at various times in the day – call 07711 097 976 to discuss your requirements.

Adwords Experience

Websites for Google AdWords

It is conceivable that you may already have a good adwords campaign, but your website is lacking in key areas which isn’t helping to convert potential visitors into sales leads. Semanta is able to build an AdWords tuned website for your business that will factor in a lot of the key criteria that can improve your AdWords landing page experience, adrank and of course…conversions.

AdWords Website

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