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For all of you with aspirations to sell online via an e-commerce platform, Amazon or eBay – this is where Semanta steps in.

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Sell goods online

What can Semanta do for me?

Whether you’re already set up on an e-commerce platform or are looking to start afresh, just send over your requirements and we can make it happen. You will benefit from an experienced e-commerce designer and developer whom will be able to incorporate general best practices and provide tips on how to optimise your site traffic into conversions. We’re happy to help with any aspect of your e-commerce website from building new sections or renewing content, right down to bug fixing and UX tips.

What platforms have you worked on?

Whether you’re looking for development resource to tackle work on the Venda platform, Magento, Big Commerce, WordPress, Powa and more, you’ll be in good hands. Many of these platforms allow for a strong level of customisation, so whatever your ideas are, chances are we’ll be able to make them a reality. Those of you trading online via Amazon and eBay – get in touch now for your Amazon A+ page development needs or for your eBay storefront templates.

What is the best platform to go with?

That all depends upon your criteria for what you need an e-commerce platform to do and how much growth you expect to see during the lifespam of the website. There are good platforms for small entry-level businesses looking to trade online and then there are sophisticated platforms for the more enterprise businesses. There is no ‘one size fits all’, but you can rest assured that the best platform for your needs will be recommened by Semanta.

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