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Web Design

Professional web site design & development

Semanta will deliver you a high quality website that will entice your customers to do business with you - quality is very much a top priority here. Your website is your business shopfront so let's do it once and do it right. Have a look at the web site design portfolio and then get in touch to have a chat about your requirements. You'll be pleasantly surprised with what you'll get for your money. </ Web Design Portfolio >.

Graphic Design

Graphic design artwork that stands out

High quality visuals within your marketing material can be the difference between success and failure. Don't let your business down by using visuals which won't do it justice. If you need images re-touched, manipulated or perhaps even super-imposed into lifestyle imagery, get in touch and let's get talking to see what we can do. Flyers, banners and promotional material are a speciality. </ Design Portfolio >

SEO and AdWords Management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Google Adwords management

We don't use plugins, we don't buy backlinks and we certainly don't keyword stuff your website. What you'll find from Semanta is raw expertise in organic SEO and dependable advice that will enable your business to climb upwards in the search engine rankings. Good SEO comes via expert knowledge and understanding of a websites architechture, as well as understanding how the web interacts with your website. If you want to speak to a local SEO expert - get in touch today! Alternatively, for fast on-demand results, perhaps you might be happier with a Google AdWords management package that will grow from strength to strength and put your business directly in front of potential customers. </ SEO and AdWords Services >

User Experience Consultancy

User Experience (UX) consulting

Having a website is only half of the battle in today's competitive market. If your website isn't converting visits into sales as well as the competition, you may find yourself struggling before long. Learn about what is involved with User Experience Consulting and discover ways to optimise your existing website to your customers needs.</ Can U/X help you? >

Design for printed nedia such as Flyers or Business Cards

Marketing via printed media

Newspaper adverts, promotional material such as flyers and posters or even business cards are articles of work which you can depend on Semanta to produce for you to a high standard. As they say, "the proof is always in the pudding" so have a look and decide for yourself.</ Print Design Portfolio >

E-Commerce Web site Development

E-Commerce web site development

In today's market, there are countless channels and various platforms from which you can trade online. Each platform will have it's own pro's and con's, but regardless of which medium you are trading through, you can count on Semanta to help you drive your sales forward via the range of services on offer. eBay and Amazon sellers - that includes you folks too!</ Find Out More >.


Illustration & Logo Design

Whether you're looking for bespoke cartoon style artwork or fine art, drawn by hand or via digital media - Semanta can help. If you like what you see, let's get talking. </ Illustration Portfolio >